Q. What size dolls do your dolls’ clothes fit?

A. We make clothes to fit three general sizes of dolls, based on three popular brands: Our largest size fits a standard Annabell® size doll, ie a doll 46cms/18inches long. Our medium size fits a standard BABY born® size doll, 40cms/16 inches long. And our smallest size fits a My First Annabell® size doll, 30cms/12 inches in length. Don’t forget, we can also make clothes to order if these sizes will not fit your doll.

Q. What size bear do your bear clothes fit?

A. The clothes will fit a Build a Bear® size teddy bear and other animals of a similar shape such as the rabbit which are about 36cms/ 14 inches tall. Many of the items have a hole for a tail.

To help out with the sizes I have added a size chart of the types of dolls and bears that the clothes we make will fit. Measurements for doll and bears. Do have a look to see if the measurements are similar to your doll or bear.

Q. My bear is an unusual size and/or shape. Do you have any clothes that will fit it?

A. Not on my website but I am able to make to order. Please email me at info@jans-crafts.co.uk and I can send you a measurements sheet. That way you can give me all the measurements I need to make the clothes you would like for your bear.

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